Superman Return

It’s the UFC weigh in.

Checking on the fighters’ weights.

Cameras from all around the world.

They’re focusing on…

Fighter Choo Sunghoon.

People have gathered to see the fighters.

Sunghoon’s family is here too.

He began as a young judoka.

He became the best in Asia.

He entered MMA in 2004.

Sunghoon began judo at the age of 3.

He conquered Korea and Japan.

He didn’t give in prejudices of this world.

And became a true champion in his own right.

He had countless fights.

He jumped into the world of MMA.

He became the K-1 champion in 2006 and conquered as a fighter.

He continued to succeed with his family’s support.

He never gave up and gave it his all.

It made everyone cry.

Now he’s on the world stage.


After winning his debut fight.

He lost 4 straight.

Then he took a 2 year 8 month break.


He’s the father of 4-year-old Sarang.

Everyone’s saying he should retire.

He’s a 40-year-old veteran fighter.


Sunghoon didn’t stop training.

He had a family that believed in him.

To be a great father for his loving daughter.

He’s decided to get back in the octagon.

“I counted. It’s my first win in 5 years. It took 5 years. That’s a long time.”

“You get hurt. Why do you want to do it so badly?”

“I’ve lived in the world of winners ever since I was young. Words can’t explain how happy I am when I win.”

“It must feel totally different.”

“Yes, it’s a totally different feeling. Also, having people which are happy for me… My body gets torn to bits but I feel happy.”


“A lot of people support me.”

“That’s true.”

“I’m not alone. I want to be stronger.”

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