How Are You in 2014? This Is My Story…

It takes very long time to decide whether I should share this story or not. I had deleted all the posts in this blog that bring up my private life and I feel that’s not good to share my own life to the others, like letting them read my diary. But, I have a big desire to share this one. Remember, I share this to you not in order to give me a pity. I want to tell you all, even in the hardest time, you stil have believe and bravery.


We always expected something that not always turn into reality

That day was August 11, 2014. That was my birth month, I expected it would be my lucky ‘Leo’. But I was wrong.

I am a job seeker, yeah, until now, after I decided to resign due to my comfort zone. Before the day, I had a call from a hospital in Surabaya to take a general check up for my job application. It takes about 350 km, it takes 5-6 hours to Surabaya from my place, so I leave on 12 am in order to arrive on time, took a test, and went home in that day also. I went there by public bus. And I had done that since some months before August, every week.

I can’t tell you how hard it is, but I enjoyed that, so I can found my spirit and belief, that someday I’ll reach my dream, my goal. In the bus, I always slept over untill I reached Surabaya.

August 11, in the morning, the news came to me. Before I reached my destination, my mother sent a text to me, she said that my brother’s motorbike (that was actually my mother’s) was stolen. He already in a college, a fresh graduated high school student and the day when his motorbike was stolen is the orientation day in his campus! What a bad news. I was thinking about my brother’s condition, about his feeling and also his health, yeah, he was sick that day but I didn’t thinking too much because I would have my own test.

My dad went to police station then. He reported our missing motorbike, but my brother said that the police said this:

“I’m sorry, we didn’t know when is the culprit’s operation time”

We never talked about it anymore. I knew then, that motorcycle theft rates is high in that city (FYI, my last work place also in that city, so I feel bad to come there again, it is like some bad memories). My brother lost the motorbike in front of a convenience store which is CCTVs installed. I mean…even the CCTVs didn’t help the police? I wish it turned out like in the detective movie…you know what I mean.

Then I had my test in hospital.

Second news came in my return trip, when I was going home. Also in the bus. My mom texted me again.

After the first accident, my dad decided to picked up my brother because his fever worse. But they fell from motorbike. The second accident. My dad fainted and people there brought him to nearest clinic but then he was sent to General Hospital.

I couldn’t believe that all the accident was overlapping in just a day. So, my mom took care my dad in hospital while I stayed home took care my brother. I knew then that August 11 is my bad day. Until now, there’s no news from my job application that I went for.

But I’m okay now, really. What I amazed from myself is, I didn’t cry that moment. It really amazes me because due to my personality, I am a sensitive person and…yeah…there’s always a good side behind the bad experience. Experience is a good teacher.


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