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Hey You

Hey you, yeah you.

What did you know? You know nothing but a passion.

You sacrificing your life in the name of passion. Throw everything behind and find a comfort place where your dream comes true. You didn’t care what people say about a normal way they walked in. You just interested in a different way. You didn’t know where your successful way are. Just want to try what your really want to do.

You are not a kind of person who care about others, but you really think about them. You just caring silently. Deep in your heart, you thanked that your problems isn’t as big as someone you face. A sick person who breath hard, a sick person who must find his money just for living. Your problem is nothing compared to them.

You feel that nobody care about you. That your parents are never asking your progress of your problem you face. That you solving your problem alone. But remember, you have many friends whom you use as your ‘trash can’: you tell them about your bitter stories, giving you their advice  and maybe you forget to thanked. Alone? Please think again.

Now, when you decide to choose a different path. I can say, congrats. You have a brave heart to speak up your mind and take an action. This is your independence day when you begin to smell a perfume of freedom.

Yesterday is a history

Tomorrow is a mystery

We both don’t know what will happen and when someone asking you, “What will you be?”

Just say, “Who the hell know?”


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