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I Miss The Moment


Cr: alwaysloneliness.blogspot.com

I miss the moment…
When I walked on the street near my school, because it was so quiet
When I went to school, met my friends and played around without thinking about the future, just happy for a moment
Using a school uniform, black shoes, and long socks
It was just happiness…

Falling in love with someone handsome
Always found him, and watching him played basketball

I miss the moment.

When I saw many people going with their family,
I just wanted to be there, gathered with my family too…
Maybe went to somewhere, the nice place like beach or valley where I can enjoyed the moment
Went there with other family by big bus…
Oh, I miss the moment.

I was very jealous to children
They were very independent
They could run somewhere they want
They could say anything they want
They had their own dream, didn’t know anything bad
Just laughed and flied with their own imagination.

(Jumat, 18 Juni 2010)


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